25/10/2017  · Segwit2X — Forked from the get-go? Luke Parker 25 Oct 2017, 18:57 UTC . Bitcoin Mining Hard Fork Segwit2x. Announced on May 23rd, The New York Agreement (NYA) is the contract between the Bitcoin.

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07/11/2017  · Coinbase recently posted an update on their support for two bitcoin hard forks, including Bitcoin Segwit2x and Bitcoin Gold. Coinbase appears to have learned from the controversy over the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork earlier this year, where users couldn’t claim their rightfully-owned Bitcoin Cash from Coinbase. Coinbase would eventually reverse their stance a few days after that August 1.

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The final part of the scaling solution fork drama began in May 2017, when businesses like Coinbase and Blockchain along with 56 other companies representing 83% of the mining power of Bitcoin signed the New York Agreement at Consensus, the largest blockchain conference. They agreed to activate Segregated Witness at 80% miner support, which went through in August and also to enable a 2 MB.

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