22 Dec 2017.

After a short break caused by the cyber attack, HiceHash is back again! News of the attack came out on December 6 and NiceHash revealed.

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Recent attacks on cloud such as Sony Email hack, Apple iCloud hack, etc.,

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$65,000,000 of BITCOIN STOLEN!!! - NiceHash Hack UpdateThanks to Hack Assets they helped me recovery most of my lost funds, you can.

alternatives do you guys think are better for mining? while hicehash does not.

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HiceHash Has Been Down for a While, Now Officially Confirmed it Has Been Hacked. 6, Dec 2017. Earlier today the NiceHash service went into maintenance .


仮想通貨取引所のハッキング事件多発中!今まで起こった過去のハッキング事件を時 系列で分かりやすく総まとめ。被害額・保障内容・その後の対応を一覧.