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America's Next Top Model Exit Interview: Justine Biticon's Episode 2 Elimination | VH1biticonjustine Report. Final score: 599points. POST. OTTERZ4LIFE.

The best pumpkin I've seen for ages! 133. 133points. reply. View more comments. #10.

7 May 2018.

justine (@biticonjustine) May 7, 2018.

Celeb Couples Whose Age Gaps Are Kind of Grossly · The 'Little Hercules'.

6 Jun 2020.


yet she still subtweets her ex lmao??? why cant she act her age for once ffs. 11.

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2 juin 2017.

justine (@biticonjustine) May 27, 2017.

Papa arrête ça », « Mais non, je t'aime qu'importe ton âge », « Papa s'il te plaît ») n'y changent rien.