Bitcoin-x2 ransomware is a file-encrypting virus that spreads as a fake Bitcoin Multiplier program. Therefore, people who want to mine cryptocurrency are the main target of the malware. Malware uses a strong encryption cipher to make files on the computer inaccessible and provides data recovery possibilities in How_to_Decrypt_files.txt file.

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The Bitcoin-x2 Ransomware runs on the victim's computer as a file named ' BitcoinX2.exe.' The Bitcoin-x2 Ransomware delivers its ransom note in the form of a.

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16 Jun 2018.


for a file called obfs4proxy.exe , which is located in the subfolder.

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Windows, kse-543-setup.exe, The Windows installer requires Administrator privileges. Parameters: /S for silent install, /D=<install dir> to specify the installation.

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Bitcoin-x2 Ransomware Make Files Inaccessible And Demand Ransom. Malware researchers recently detect a new ransom virus emergence named Bitcoin-x2 Ransomware.It is a kind of data encrypting malware that is distributed to the users in a form of a Bitcoin Multiplier program.

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