Former PayPal CEO on why he thinks bitcoin is going to zero3 maart 2019.

Er zijn duizend meningen over Bitcoin.

sitting in a fiduciary seat and you have a zero exposure to the asset or the asset class, you're wrong.

20 feb 2020.

Bitcoin (BTC) heeft zich de afgelopen maanden bewezen als.

in de VS om exposure te hebben met bitcoin, zonder bitcoin zelf te bezitten.

20 jan 2020.

How Andrew Kiguel, CEO of Hut8Mining, One of The Largest BTC Mining Farms in the World, Mined Over 12,000 BTC!

3 aug 2019.

Introducing the Bitcoin Difficulty Ribbon. When the ribbon compresses, or flips negative, these are the best time to buy in and get exposure to.

It’s Much Too Soon To Regulate Bitcoin 25 Jun 2018. Cryptocurrency regulation becomes a top priority. and if cryptocurrency regulation comes too early then we could end up with bad regulation.”. and its vulnerabilities, and its implications for competition, much better before. 2 Mar 2019. The case for better regulation is not just about the interests of crypto. better regulated.88 Although it

6 Aug 2019.

We are speeding towards global financial chaos with no brake pedal. There is an all-out economic war being carried out by two of the largest.

11 May 2020.

Everybody's sick of commissions. Lumi Wallet is renouncing them, introducing 0 % Fees on all crypto to crypto exchange operations. All you.