WorldRemit raises $40 million to push its money transfer service into new marketsTributes have been paid to a Berkshire ambulance worker who has died after testing. Paul Nutt, who had turned 60 earlier this.

The new service enables the Cambodians living and working in over 50 countries.

Wing account holders will then be able to send money domestically or.

remittance firm WorldRemit to launch instant money transfers to Cambodia.

WorldRemit recently closed a Series C round of funding, which saw it raise $40 million.

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A crop of startups focused on money transfers are making it easier for foreign.

most heavily funded remittance services, TransferWise and WorldRemit raised $58 million.

In June, the London-based company raised $20 million, with plans to.

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3 Jun 2019.

CityAM – London fintech startup Worldremit has raised $175m (£138m) in a.

The company also plans to release a new money transfer tool targeting.

and expand its service to reach many new customers across the globe.”.

British World War Two veteran Captain Tom Moore, who has become a national hero after raising millions for the health service.

TD Bank, Visa Start US-to-Canada Money Transfer Service.

of US$5.8 bn, and the global Fintech-as-a-service provider Rapyd, raising another US$20 mn.

U.K.-based digital money transfer company WorldRemit opened its Canadian.