07/12/2017  · With the massive rising in Bitcoin price recently it is no surprise there has been another hack, NiceHash a Bitcoin exchange has been hacked and around $64 million worth of Bitcoin has been stolen.


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21 Dec 2017.

Youbit was also hit by an attack in April that local media have linked to North Korean hackers.

of thousands of computers around the world and devastated NHS IT systems in May.

Last week, almost $64 million of bitcoin was stolen by hackers who broke into the NiceHash marketplace in Slovenia.

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5 Jan 2018.

The total amount stolen was then USD$7.9M in Ether, worth approximately.

While there is no indication that the Vertiaseum hack was an inside job, it would be a very.

Nicehash claims to be the largest crypto mining marketplace, allowing.

The 1 January 2018 value of the stolen Bitcoin is USD$64M.

9 Dec 2017.

NiceHash: the Latest Bitcoin Hack Victim The victim of this latest hack was a.

According to NiceHash, there was approximately $64 million worth of.

into what sort of liquidity they may have had at the time of the attack.

07/12/2017  · NiceHash Hacked, $50 Million Stolen Update:  $64 Million worth of Bitcoins have been stolen, 4,700 Bitcoin to be exact and the highly professional and sophisticated attack made use of Social Engineering on Admin Users of NiceHash website. Reports on Twitter, Reddit, and Bitcointalk have miners worried as it seems NiceHash has been hacked

9 Dec 2017.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has warned investors to be on the.

Related: Bitcoin hack of NiceHash might have stolen $67 million.

digital wallet, but the company filed for bankruptcy with $64 million in debt.

07/12/2017  · Hackers steal $64 million from cryptocurrency firm NiceHash. (Reuters) – A Slovenian cryptocurrency mining marketplace, NiceHash, said it lost about $64 million worth of bitcoin in a hack of its payment system, the latest incident to highlight risks that uneven oversight and security pose to booming digital currencies.

07/12/2017  · The Bitcoin marketplace NiceHash has been hacked, and over $64 million dollars worth of Bitcoin has been stolen in a matter of moments. On Wednesday, several NiceHash users reported some unusual activity in their BTC wallets, several of them found their wallets to be completely empty.

$65,000,000 of BITCOIN STOLEN!!! - NiceHash Hack Update07/12/2017  · Nearly $64 million in bitcoin has been stolen following a hack that affected “bitcoin mining marketplace” NiceHash. NiceHash announced the breach in a statement on Wednesday, where they recommended that users change their passwords. “Unfortunately, there has been a security breach involving NiceHash website.